Why New Zealand are loved by the Cricket fans regardless of their nationality?

Well, If you are a die hard cricket fan then you must have seen many cricket lovers show their love to New Zealand. The Black Caps have shown some great standards in the game of cricket, wherever they have toured. Though, Cricket is a Gentleman’s Sport, but we do not see real life examples these days, instead we witness some intensity between the opponent players. But, Kiwis are different. Want to know why?

An outstanding show of sportsmanship was witnessed today in the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup match between West Indies U19 and New Zealand U19. After scoring a magnificent 99 runs for West Indies, Kirk McKenzie dragged his back on the the stumps. After getting out, Kirk McKenzie was struggling to walk. Realizing his pain, New Zealand players came forward and lifted him up to the pavilion. What a Kind Gestures from Young Kiwi Players. They are going to be star in Future.

Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game, but we do not see it every day in the field. This Kind gesture from the Young New Zealand players have set a noble example for all the sportsmen around the Globe. This is what you call Spirit of Cricket.