ICC lifts off suspension over Zimbabwe Cricket, readmitted now as full member

Just In! The International Cricket Committee have lifted off suspension over Zimbabwe Cricket and readmitted it now as full member. Previously, Zimbabwe cricket were suspended by the ICC, for violation of rules and regulations that restrict Governments to interfere in Cricket Board Elections. Today, ICC Committee announced that Zimbabwe Cricket and Nepal Cricket are now full member of ICC.

Following the violations of ICC’s Primary rules and regulation Zimbabwe Cricket were banned by the ICC to participate in ICC Main Events. It is too unfortunate that this announcement have come too late, prior to ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Qualifier schedules. Zimbabwe Cricket are now allowed to participate in ICC Main Events, but they will not be playing in the T20 World Cup 2020 Qualifiers.

Zimbabwe Cricket announced this news on twitter as:

Similar sanctions were imposed on Nepal Cricket Board, as Nepal’s government too broke the ICC rules. Now, after the ban is lifted, Nepal Cricket Board can also participate in ICC Main Events.

The International Cricket Council has a strict policy that restrict a Government to interfere in Cricket Board Elections. ICC Demands free and fair elections of Cricket Boards, to ensure its Rules and Regulations.

Zimbabwe Cricketers and Legendary Players have appreciated this decision by ICC.